A non-native can get marriage under Special Marriage Act-1954 or under Hindu Marriage Act-1955. The Special Marriage Act, 1954 is an Act provide a special form of marriage for the people of India and all Indian nationals in foreign countries, irrespective of the religion or faith followed by either party


Court Marriage is a common procedure, which has to be followed by everyone• Certificate of Marriage is a document, which provides valuable evidence of marriage. It is useful in getting the visa for the wife/husband. Also court marriage can take place between an Indian and NRI


If you do not wish to marry in a religious ceremony can instead opt for a civil ceremony pursuant to the Indian Special Marriage Act of 1954, it’s required to file a notice of intended marriage with a Marriage Registrar. That notice is required to be published for the stipulated 30 days.


One can get marriage irrespective of his/her caste, religion, creed and culture, if basic conditions are fulfilled. If a couple of different religion wants to perform the marriage, the Law allows them to get converted through a process call conversion of religion.


Marriage Registration As stated in Section 8 of the Act, the state government may make rules for the registration of Hindu marriages that the parties to any of such marriages may have particulars relating to their marriages entered in such a manner and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed.


Arya samaj marriage certificate is a valid marriage. This is a part of a public record. This certificate carries the name of both the persons, their time, venue and witnesses of the marriage. A marriage certificate is an essential document for a newly married couple, legally authorizes their relation

Arya Wedding

One of the basic rules of the Arya Samaj is that it conducts marriages for Hindus, since the movement's founder Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati sincerely believed Hinduism to be the 'original' religion and that conversions accounted for the spread of other religions from Hinduism.


If in case a couple belonging to religions other than Hinduism want to get married under the auspices of Arya Samaj, they first have to be converted, through a process called "shuddhi", meaning purification. wedding is conducted according to Arya Marriage Validation Act XIX of 1937 and is solemnized according to Vedic rites.

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